Travel Tips

Pros and Cons of Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets is becoming more popular than ever before. Here are some pros and cons of traveling with pets.While it can reduce anxiety for you both, you will find that sometimes it can also become stressful on the owner. Pro’sPeace of mindLet’s face...

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How To Make Friends When You Travel

Not everyone is outgoing especially during their travels. Here’s my take on how to make friends while traveling.  I’m not shy and can jump right into a conversation with a complete stranger.  Shy people, however, find it to be a bit uncomfortable and a struggle. How...

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Packing Strategies for Your Carry On

Traveling as you know, is something I love to do.  It’s in my blood. Packing simply is not. Here are a few packing strategies for your carry on. We all have the same issue, how to pack everything we need in that small carry-on to avoid checking a bag and...

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