It’s Harvest Time And I Get More Out Of It Then Just Olives

If you’re following me you know why I’m here in Tuscany. If you’re not then click on my other posts and you’ll get most of the story! This past week proved yet another chance to heal and I’m grateful for every minute. My experience in the hills of Tuscany is heartwarming. It’s Harvest Time And I Get More Out Of It Then Just Olives.

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4 Myths About Free Travel DEBUNKED

When I first thought about how I wanted my travel life to pan out I started out by researching all the ways I could travel and how I could do it as cheaply as possible. I realized, very quickly, that there were a lot of myths out there that simply aren't true. Here...

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I Love My Life as a Solo Female Traveler

While blogging can be hard work at times, I wouldn’t trade my career for anything. After all, being a solo female travel writer has allowed me to have the incredibly rewarding experience of making my way around the world, experiencing other cultures and lifestyles as...

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