Fearlessly Live Your Authentic Life

What if you knew everything you wanted was possible?

And YOU held the power to make it happen…

Does life often leave you feeling lost or stuck? Do you ever wonder, ‘what should I do with my life’?

Destination retreats will empower and transform you to live the life you have always wanted.

By investing in YOU and embarking on a self-discovery destination retreat, you awaken your passion and excitement, and increase clarity for the next chapter of your life.

Are you ready to join me on a life-changing adventure?

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”

~ Tony Robbins

Marie has a way of saying exactly what you need to hear at the exact right time. I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without her. To say Marie has helped me is an understatement; she has completely transformed my life. Nicole

Upcoming Retreats

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Retreat Leaders:

Marie Hernandez,

Empowerment Coach and Business Expert


Linda Beach,

Freedom Lifestyle Coach & Retreat Expert


Experience lasting satisfaction in your life as you overcome your fears, embrace your desires, and empower yourself to master your limitless lifestyle. This 7-day deep dive is designed to help re-establish balance and fulfillment, and fast track you to achieving the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

This Hawaiian retreat is structured in a way to provide a clear and deep understanding of what truly motivates you; what your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are and how they affect your belief system.

The break through’s during this retreat will help you understand your true passion for the life you desire both personally and professionally.

Connect with your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the true vision of your life, career, and limitless lifestyle.

Details for registration coming soon!

“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.”

~ Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Marie has provided me with the guided coaching I needed to move forward with my greatest desires. Marie’s style and method was very effective in helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life. She is so instrumental in helping me make all the difficult decisions! Thank you so very much, Marie! Eireen

About Marie

I wear many hats – entrepreneur, writer, perpetual traveler, and unwavering optimist. I am dedicated to my deep desire to help you empower yourself, discover your passion, and build a life with limitless possibilities.

Three years ago, I was stuck in pain, fear, and self-defeating beliefs. Now, instead of feeling like the world has ended, I embrace all that the world has to offer. Yes, even to a 53-year-old divorcée. I showed the naysayers (and myself) that I am NOT limited by anything! Not age. Not divorce. Not finances.

Once I rid myself of those limiting beliefs, the Universe opened up to my and I finally found me true bliss.

As an empowerment and business coach, I hold a safe and compassionate space for each client I work with so they feel supported in a way that allows them to create their own intense transformation. I utilize the greats like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Gabby Bernstein as the foundation for my work to help women and men let go of the old programs of shame and negativity. Together, I empower each of my clients and retreat members to creatively build a solid foundation based on authenticity, determination and a solid business sense.

Listen, if I can forgive myself and move on to a life filled with limitless possibilities, you can too!

“You don’t need to find yourself, you’re already here. You need to forgive yourself and create the life you were meant to live.”

~ Marie Hernandez

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