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Inspiration Friday ~ Greece

One of my travel bucket list countries has always been Greece. When I think of the ancient country, visions of Colin Farrell, ruler of Macedon in the movie "Alexander the Great", setting out to conquer m...uhmm...the world, cross my mind! This week's installment of...

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Snapshot Monday ~ Coral Reefs

Even if you're not a scuba diver or snorkeler you have to appreciate the beauty of coral reefs. This week's Snapshot Monday ~ Coral Reefs' picture is of one of the world's most beautiful - Australia. Snapshot Monday ~ Coral Reefs I've been many islands around the...

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Snapshot Monday ~ Hot Air Balloons

Even if you're afraid of heights, a ride in a hot air balloon is an experience you shouldn't pass up! This week's Snapshot Monday ~ Hot Air Balloons depicts a beautiful scene of several in the morning mist over a seemingly endless road.   Snapshot Monday ~ Hot...

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