Photo Essays

Snapshot Monday ~ Buti, Italy

Buti is a town in the Province of Pisa, which is a region of Tuscany, Italy. It’s located about 30 miles west of Florence and about 9 miles east of Pisa. You know…where the tower actually does lean. Enjoy this week's installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Buti, Italy. Buti,...

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Snapshot Monday ~ Milan

The bustling city of Milan is home to high fashion, exceptional industry, and Italy’s stock exchange. This week’s installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Milan Snapshot Monday ~ Milan Will have you craving high fashion and art…and maybe a cappuccino and gilato! Its history...

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Snapshot Monday ~ Costa Rica

Known for its delicious home-grown coffee, abundant native wildlife, and luxurious ecotourism resorts, Costa Rica has been a hit with travelers for quite some time. This week's installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Costa Rica will have you packing your bags for a visit....

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Inspiration Friday ~ Sailing

With a good strong breeze and some basic skills you could go anywhere, right? Obviously that’s part of the reason why sailing remains a popular pastime with travelers. This week's Inspiration Friday ~ Sailing will have you wishing you were on a sailboat in the middle...

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