Recently I was asked by the Copper Clothing Company to try out a few of their items. Here is my experience…

As a perpetual traveler, I’m always looking for convenient and useful clothing options that are easy for me to travel with. When I was sent the cooper infused gloves and sleep mask I was excited to try them.

Copper Gloves

I’m not a cold weather girl, but I do have family and friends that live in some of the coldest states in the US. I seem to never be able to keep warm with thin gloves and I HATE carrying around bulky ones that I have to keep taking on and off when I need to do something.

When I put the gloves that were sent to me on, I noticed immediately that they were thin and light. Because of the copper and compression, my hands felt soft when I took the gloves off and I like the fact that the 100% pure natural copper is completely safe, chemical free, environmentally friendly, non-drug and has a non-invasive solution which supports my desire to keep up with a healthy living lifestyle.

The gloves were thin and easy to pop in the side pocket of my backpack without taking up tons of space AND I didn’t have to take them off to use my touch phone during my travels – BIG PLUS!

Sleep Mask

I use sleep masks a lot. It’s hard to get good sleep when you’re crossing time zones and you’re trying to adjust to jet lag so I use them to help block out the light and “trick” my body into thinking it’s night when it’s not.

What I don’t like about sleep masks is that when I take them off I look like I’ve been sleeping with one on. My eyes have creases and are always puffy. OR the light gets through the sides and I can’t quite get the rest I need.

The copper sleep mask is my new obsession! I was hooked after the second time I used it.

It’s made with a super-soft, flexible, breathable material that gave me the best comfort and blocked out the light completely.

I also learned that copper is an ingredient found in anti-wrinkle creams and beauty regimes because of it’s natural properties which increase firmness and elastin so my eyes didn’t have those wrinkles when I took the mask off.

Since copper fiber has been shown to promote collagen in the skin as much as 30%, my skin actually looked better! Now how’s that for a skin regimen? I only have to sleep my way to better looking skin!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Copper Clothing Company. They have several products that are for any lifestyle, not just a traveler like me.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the company and their products visit them at:

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You can also contact the company directly:

Address: Hayes Industrial Estate, Godstone Road, Caterham, Surrey CR3 6SF

Phone: 01883 342122


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