About Marie

HI! I’m so happy you landed on my page. I’m a 52 year old mother of six, grandmother of eight, perpetual traveler. No, I’m not the typical grandma baking cookies and knitting socks (although I admire all the grandmas that do) but I’m the kind that will send my kiddies a package from some exotic place in the world that contains things they’ve never seen before! And I love giving travel advice!

Travel is my LIFE!

Seriously…travel IS my life. It’s not just my passion but it’s the way I put food in my belly too!

After I made the decision to travel the world, I had to figure out how I was going to pay for that! If you’re a travel blogger you’ll know that making money from your blog isn’t easy. IT’S A LABOR OF LOVE for sure!

Because I’m a bit of a diva, I wanted to travel in luxury most of the time. I had to find a way to do that without spending my own money sooo. Over the past four years, I discovered something that most travel bloggers never even think of:

If you know how to approach them, travel providers will pay for your expenses to get YOU to write about them!

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Travel is part of my DNA. My father was a career military man (thanks Dad!) and we were constantly on the move. We traveled around the US and in other countries like Panama and I loved our life.

I always knew that I’d continue my travels and, after taking some time off to have my family and suffering a soul crushing divorce, I set out to discover the world and haven’t stopped since.

Building Memories

Building memories is what life is all about! And if you do it right, those experiences will stay with you forever!

Here are a few of mine…

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