How To Travel To Luxury Destinations On A Budget

There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy luxury travel on a budget. First, why not search for a place where a little bit of the money from your home country translates to lots of money once you get there. You will still need to do the math yourself to determine what is your best option. In this post I talk about how to travel to luxury destinations on a budget…hop you enjoy!

Luxury Travel on a Budget

For instance, if flights to Europe are $450 and you’re averaging a cost of $75 per day for a two week trip, then the exchange rate that makes Thailand come in at a lower $55 per day still won’t end up costing you less when combined with a $750 flight. There’s also the time spent en route to consider.

Of course, your own numbers and aggravation ranking could be higher or lower, depending on where you live and how long you plan on staying once you get there.

Unless you’re looking at really bad weather, go during the off-season. Otherwise aim for the shoulder season. In either case, you’ll get better deals and fewer crowds then. Prices do vary from month to month so keep an eye on your favorite destinations to find out when the deals are at their best.

How To Travel To Luxury Destinations On A Budget

In general, having some flexibility on dates and destinations is important. You’ll definitely want to use your favorite vouchers and travel apps which would help you find the best deals at an economical price. Some flight aggregators also allow you to sign up for email alerts when certain routes drop in price.

You can occasionally find some very good deals on last minute travel, particularly in large cities. Being aware of the cheapest times to visit each place can also help you avoid crowds and higher fees. Another great tip for how to travel to luxury destinations on a budget is, weekend visits which can garner discounts if you’re visiting a destination frequented mostly by business travelers who tend to come during the work week. However, be careful with this.

How To Travel To Luxury Destinations On A Budget

Large cities that are popular with tourists and bored locals that live nearby such as London or Dublin, tend to be more expensive on the weekends than during the week.

Some out-of-the-way spots that don’t have the reputation of their more popular neighbors offer higher hotel ratings for less money than nearby competitors. Another good tip is to visit new hotels that are looking to build their reputation since they’re more likely to offer discounts than their competitors.

There are even a few ways that you can cut into your overall costs without sacrificing anything. Do you really need to eat out every meal or even eat out in fancy places? If not, you should look at cheap eats in your area, self-catering accommodations where you can do your own cooking, or just simply eat the free breakfast served by your hotel.

How To Travel To Luxury Destinations On A Budget

If you can be content with a bagel or pastry instead of dining out first thing in the morning, you might be able to splurge on that fancy restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about without messing up your budget. Maybe the eatery in question has a lunch menu that’s not as pricey as their dinner selections so you can still get the same great food for a lower price.

Just be sure to spend your money wisely and make it count. Make a list of what you most want to do and make those things the priority. Also, be careful not to get so tied up in budgetary concerns that you find yourself scrimping on things that could make a world of difference if you were willing to spend a couple extra tens.

Solo travelers might find it worth the extra money to join a small day tour group that’s stopping at a couple of spots rather than bothering with car rentals, unfamiliar traffic rules, and so on. Or you might decide to spend an extra $20 to take a train rather than a bus because of how much longer it will take. Little things like that can make a luxurious world of difference.

So there you have it, How To Travel To Luxury Destinations On A Budget. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or jot a comment down in the comment section.

How To Travel To Luxury Destinations On A Budget

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