Things you’d love about the St. Lucia experience

People love St. Lucia for many reasons beyond the obvious. It is a charming island that is not over crowded where you can create memories that will last a lifetime. The luxury experience is unrivalled in many ways and the island has transformed to offer an experience that has earned it a reputation that beats many regional rivals. There are so many things you’d love about the St. Lucia experience.

Things you’d love about the St. Lucia experience

Today we’re going to share with you the combination of factors that makes it a unique destination, most probably, also the reasons why you’d love to visit it sometime soon:

Ease of travelling around:

Yes, indeed easy does it: With a length of just 27 miles, all of the attractions you may have heard of, are within easy reach. This is great for those who favour convenience and who don’t want to get up early to travel several hours. It is also good news for impulsive travellers who love doing things at lastminute.

The locals are super friendly:

We all know the saying that “the people makes the place” – and for that matter, there are often locations that are lovely, but locals might be a little stiff. Well: in St. Lucia locals love tourists and they are very welcoming. If you want a true Caribbean experience where locals are happy to reciprocate a cultural experience – St. Lucia is the place.

English language:

Like much of the Caribbean, the locals in St. Lucia are all fluent in English since it is their first language. You will never feel lost around the island or need a dictionary if you’re English. So if you need a break from all those tropical destinations where you experienced a language barrier, you know where to go next.

A romantic destination, also suitable for families:

Indeed many people also visit the island for water sports and outdoors, but it is heavily geared towards romantic breaks, which includes wedding reception and honeymoon, as well as adult only travel. A vibrant segment of travellers are families – so if you travel with children, there will be heaps of things to do, including suitable family accommodation.

Things you’d love about the St. Lucia experience

A variety of activities are available:

Perhaps one of the best things about St. Lucia, is that there is a lot of variety: Whether you love fishing, scuba diving, yachting & sailing, hiking or simply wellness travel where you can be pampered, they have you covered on the island! So you think it is difficult to plan a holiday that suits both active people and those who want to relax and do little? Well it is easier if you visit this island!

What else is there to know?

This is a special little place where many people return for a second and a third holiday. If you’re attracted to natural wonders, white beaches and clear water, beautiful sunsets, mountains and forests you will find it all here.

So you’d love to know the most convenient way to experience the island? There are lots of all-inclusive St Lucia holidays that will save you a lot of research and time – because everything you could possibly need, has already been planned for you!


Over to you: Please share with us below any experiences you had in St. Lucia and help our readers craft an actionable to-do list! We hope you found “Things you’d love about the St. Lucia experience” helpful and we hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to “Things you’d love about the St. Lucia experience”

  1. Jim burchett

    My wife and I fell in love with St Lucia more than 24 years ago, we have returned nearly every year since, both of our children were married on the island, and we ultimately purchased a Home in Marigot. We have NEVER stayed at an all inclusive on the island , and do not recommend them. For a genuine Caribbean experience rent a villa

    • Marie Hernandez

      Hi Jim – thanks so much for your comments! It love that you traveled there, fell in love and now go back every year. I agree another alternative to all inclusive resorts is to experience the island via renting a villa. I’ve done both and love it!


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