Snapshot Monday ~ The Baths A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Although the British Virgin Islands are on many people’s radar in the same way that places like Santorini and Hawaii are, they are another great place to go for sandy beaches and sunny tropical weather. Enjoy Snapshot Monday ~ The Baths A Beach Lover’s Paradise.

Snapshot Monday ~ The Baths A Beach Lover's Paradise


Snapshot Monday ~ The Baths A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Those who make their way to the isle of Virgin Gorda should definitely check out The Baths while they’re visiting. This boulder strewn beach remains a popular tourist attraction with travelers to the area. It has even received a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

The Baths are located on the southern tip of the island about a mile away from Spanish Town. While the shoreline is known for its scenery, the spot is nonetheless conducive for all normal beach activities such as swimming, sunning, and snorkeling.

The wide variety of fish found at The Baths makes the latter a particularly fun pastime here. Of course, the beach also has grottos, tunnels, and archways that are formed by the unusual rock formation. These aspects make the area a perfect place to take some great vacation shots. Travelers can even visit the photogenic caves without any worry that they’ll get their cameras wet.

A car park, restaurants, and shops can all be found nearby. A small fresh water pool is also available for guests to enjoy and it’s a particularly nice way to get rid of all the salt after swimming around in the ocean.

Lockers are even available for travelers to use. Using them is a good idea if there is rain in the forecast since of the trees lining the beach are said to be poisonous and you definitely don’t want their sap dripping down on your gear.

Travelers should be aware that there is a short walk down to the beach which does require climbing over some of the rocks but most folks shouldn’t find this to be too taxing. Scrambling around on the rocks in the caves can be a bit more challenging.

It’s subsequently a good idea to wear waterproof shoes to protect your feet and provide some traction for when you’re climbing around on the slippery rocks. In some spots, the caves can also be quite narrow so perhaps it’s not the best vacation choice for claustrophobic individuals.

Travelers should additionally be aware that the beach can get very crowded when cruise ships are in port and time their visits accordingly.

I hope you enjoyed Snapshot Monday ~ The Baths A Beach Lover’s Paradise. Check back next week for another installment and in the meantime never stop working towards your dreams!

Have you been to The Baths? What is your favorite beach in the world? Share your experiences with us!

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Snapshot Monday ~ The Baths A Beach Lover's Paradise
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