How to Save Money To Travel the World Whenever You Want

Obviously, the best way to save money no matter what you plan on doing with it is to embrace the do-it-yourself lifestyle. In this post I talk specifically about How to Save Money To Travel the World. However, realistically, these tips can apply to anything!

How to Save Money To Travel the World

How to Save Money To Travel the World

Let’s get right to it…It’s about making smart choices. As a woman, I like to look good. I like to dress well and have my hair, nails and make-up done BUT, I like to travel more so…Cut and color your own hair, paint your own fingernails, and skip other pricey beauty procedures.

How to Save Money To Travel the World

Learn to sew and repair your clothes instead of buying new ones just because they lost a button or they have a small, otherwise unnoticeable tear in them. It might be fun to learn a new hobby!

Another idea on how to save money to travel the world: cook and eat at home rather than spending money on takeout. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can look up how to change the oil in your car on YouTube and take care of that on your own as well.

You can also embrace the philosophy of making the most of what you already have. For instance, don’t buy more of anything (shampoo, soap, makeup, food, etc.) unless you’re completely out of the item in question.

how to save money to travel the world

The amount of money you’ll save is truly shocking. We’ve all got half-filled bottles of shampoo floating around our bathroom . Do what I do…when you’re in a hotel, each morning before you leave on your adventures take the soaps and shampoos that they give you and put them in your suite case. Housekeeping will restock and you can bring those home and use them. In better hotels and resorts they often give you far better stuff then what you’d by yourself!

A must when you’re looking for ways how to save money to travel the world…exchange your daily Starbucks for coffee drinks that you make at home. These otherwise bland beverages are easy to spruce up with spices, whipped cream, flavored syrups, or fancy creamers from your own cupboard.

In keeping with that line of thought, it’s also a good idea to stop dropping by nearby cafes for lunch during the workweek. Instead, bring sandwiches or salads from home. They might be boring but you’ll save lots of cash. Don’t worry. Your trip will make you forget all about those boxed lunches you ate that made you feel like you were back in school.

how to save money to travel the world

Also, it’s a good idea not to pay for what you can get for free. You can eliminate cable, Netflix or Hulu subscriptions and save at least a little per month. Instead, think YouTube, watch whatever you can get for free on the internet instead.

Most of the major networks let fans watch their programs for free about a week after they aired. Some of the smaller networks also do this. So you don’t have to give up television entirely even if you’re trying to save money. Likewise, you can borrow new movies and DVDs from your local library for free as long as you remember to return them.

Gym memberships are yet another way people spend money unnecessarily. Why waste vacation money by paying to use their equipment when you can work out more cheaply by walking or jogging around your neighborhood?

and various canned goods lurking in the recesses of our kitchen just waiting to be used up

There are also a lot of exercise videos available online that show people how to exercise using the materials they already have. Besides, it’s much nicer to be out in the fresh air listening to the birds sing than being trapped in a gym listening to the moans of the overachiever who should have known better than to add another weight to the machine they were using.

how to save money to travel the world

If you must have new clothes or your sneakers have bitten the dust, shop around at thrift or consignment stores for bargains on gently used stuff. Look for sales or store brand items when you buy groceries or obligatory household products.

Of course, use your judgment here. There is a reason some things are on sale, after all, and cheaper doesn’t always mean better. There are also some of us with hair that only responds well to certain shampoos. However, if the store brand runs even $1 less than stuff you normally buy, the saving can still add up over time.

Another way to save money is to borrow items that you need for short periods of time from friends or relatives that already own it. Examples of these things would be a tent for a short weekend excursion, a barbecue grill for a church cookout, or a specialized cake pan that you don’t currently own. Just get permission to borrow the item in question from its owner.

Doing so will save you from making otherwise unnecessary purchase. Just take good care of what you borrowed and return it promptly so you don’t hear it from them every time you meet for years afterwards.

how to save money to travel the world

It all comes down to how badly you want something! I’d much rather travel then have the latest fashion craze or 10 pair of shoes. I’m happy with cooking at home for a while in exchange for the opportunity to see the David in Florence!

I hope you enjoyed my take on how to save money to travel the world. Good luck and see you on the road soon!

Do you have any tips you’d like to add? Share your experiences with us!


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How to Save Money To Travel the World
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