Inspiration Friday ~ Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Although it’s a well-known spot and the top attraction on its home island of Vieques, this bioluminescent bay is certainly worth adding to your trip itinerary if you’re planning to visit Puerto Rico. Read this week’s installment of Inspiration Friday ~ Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Inspiration Friday ~ Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico - A Must Visit Playground

Bioluminescent Bay by James Garlick

Inspiration Friday ~ Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

The spot holds a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and it is even the reason that some people make the island their vacation destination. Travelers can easily access Vieques Island by ferry from Farjardo on the main island or by small propeller planes that arrive from the airports in Cieba, Isla Grande, and San Juan.

While the island is home to two different bioluminescent spots, Mosquito Bay is the more popular of the two because the other spot occasionally suffers from low light levels. However, the dinoflagellates (Pyrodinium bahamense) that live in Mosquito Bay regularly turn the space a bright blue when they are disturbed at night.

The Spanish conquistadors were inadvertently the cause of this feature when they opened up a channel in the bay in hopes of stopping the evil glow but this only increased the brilliance of the waters. Kayaking through the area at night is naturally a popular activity and there are many local guides available so that travelers can arrange to do precisely that.

Vieques can be found about 8 miles off the bigger island of Puerto Rico. Although this sleepy isle had a tumultuous past as home to weapons testing site for the United States and some residences claim the fact has resulted in a higher than usual rate of cancer, the spot remains a prime vacation pick.

Not only are there bioluminescent bays to explore, Vieques is home to numerous beaches that often receive recognition for being among the Caribbean’s top spots for sandy shores and crystal clear waters. Naturally, snorkeling is another popular activity on the island. Commercial development has nonetheless been kept to minimum and many visitors are glad of it.

However, this means that Vieques is a only good destination choice for travelers that prefer to spend their holidays in peaceful, wild spaces rather than in large, bustling cities.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installation of Inspiration Friday ~ Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Have you ever visited Vieques? Have you been to Mosquito Bay? Share your experiences with us!

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  1. Linda Aksomitis

    Building a good following that’s engaged is far more valuable than just big numbers, isn’t it? Great free download! The bay looks beautiful — I did my first cruise of the Caribbean a year and a half ago and found Nassau was my favorite stop, although this looks like it would be even nicer.

    • Marie Hernandez

      I’m so happy you found value in the download Linda! Thank you for your comments and I agree, the Caribbean is wonderful to see by cruise!


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