Gastronome Wednesday ~ Churros So Much More Then A Mexican Treat

These goodies may have been inspired by a Chinese treat that was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by Portuguese sailors but it was the Spanish who decided to modify their recipe by squeezing their version through a star-shaped funnel. This week’s installment of Gastronome Wednesday ~ Churros So Much More Then A Mexican Treat will have you racing out and grabbing one for yourself!

Gastronome Wednesday ~ Churros

Gastronome Wednesday ~ Churros

The Mexican version of this dessert is famous for its characteristic ridges, which are perfect for catching powder sugar and other toppings. Or perhaps it is true that churros were created by hard-working shepherds with no access to a bakery.

The churro batter could be whipped up quickly then fried into a warm, delicious dessert to accompany their meals. These treats were additionally shaped like the horns of local sheep, from whence they may have derived their common name. Either way, churros have become a staple in many Spanish countries around the globe.

Churros are basically pieces of fried dough made from flour, water, and salt. They are usually sprinkled with sugar once they are finished cooking. These treats are a traditional accompaniment to the thick hot coca that is normally found in Spain.

They are often eaten for breakfast. Having them for a snack is considered perfectly acceptable as well. Freshly made churros are often sold at fairs and other special events throughout out the Hispanic world.

Variations on the common churro include the thick, spiral-shaped version found in both the Basque region and near Seville. These have a softer texture than the normal ones do. A thin variety without any ridges can also be found in parts of Andalusia.

In this region, however, the cooks usually avoid dusting their creations with sugar. Filled varieties are especially popular in South American countries.

For instance, Cubans seem to enjoy their churros stuffed with fruit such as guava and the Brazilians prefer theirs with chocolate inside. Meanwhile, Americans tend to like theirs sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. But no matter how you bake it, this is one tasty treat that shouldn’t be missed the next time you’re in a Hispanic country.

Have you had these delicious treats? Which type are your favorite? Share your experiences with us!


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