Experiencing the most exclusive Tanzania Safari lodges

Tanzania is a special destination for many reasons: if you look at all the wonderful photos on Tanzania Safari – a Complete Guide, you will no doubt share the sentiment. In fact choosing the best of all the attractions can be hard because there is so much to do and see – and it is all truly beautiful. Here are our picks for experiencing the most exclusive Tanzania Safari lodges

Experiencing the most exclusive Tanzania Safari lodges

Just looking at some of the highlights you will understand why it is so distinguished: the Gombe Stream National Park, where you can see chimpanzees close-up, the gorgeous landscape at lake Eyasi, watching the flamingos and giraffes side by side at lake Manyara, the option of climbing mount Kilimanjaro or watching it from a distance and so many more attractions that we will discuss.

There is another element to Tanzania travel that makes it unique: it is the opportunity to experience exclusive travel like nowhere else! Think back of your most recent holiday in Mallorca or Mykonos, which was beautiful too, but you saw hundreds of other tourists and had to wait in a long line.

Well, in Tanzania this is not the case and to put this into perspective, let’s start with arrival statistics: Tanzania has around 1.1 million arrivals for the entire country throughout the year, compared to 23 million in Mallorca (Europe) and 15 million in South Africa! So you if you linked the idea of “exclusivity” to “luxury” – well, it is more about considering a ratio of the unique experiences available over the number of annual arrivals.

Experiencing the most exclusive Tanzania Safari lodges

The secret to experiencing the best Tanzania has to offer, comes not from selecting the fanciest Hotel (you’ll be please to know there are many) but rather by reserving the sort of experience that will enable you to see the natural wonders close-up, without being disturbed by many other tourists. That is where the help of a specialist travel agency who work closely with local guides can be handy indeed: out in Africa it is also a matter of who you know.

Well, what sort of experiences are we talking about then?

If you stay in a safari lodge for example, you are often closely located to the animals drinking locations – which matters a lot, since that is where they head at certain times. We’re talking about the opportunity to see lions, wildebeest, hippos, baboons, zebras and huge herds of elephants! We’re also talking about watching them close enough so that you can take pictures that will last a lifetime.

The local guides from the safari lodges have a good idea of where to go and at what time. So will it work to book into the smartest lodge and ask: “what time is the Lion show”? Not quite, but if you choose an exclusive safari lodge – your Tanzania experience will be the best.

Other renowned experiences that are unique to Tanzania:

The Serengeti, where you have the chance of seeing some of the largest herds of zebras and wildebeest (also visible with helicopter flips), Zanzibar which is on the coast for those who want to combine scuba diving and snorkelling with their trip – and, off course the Ngorongoro crater which is 25KM wide and is a spectacular UNESCO world heritage site.


Final thoughts on Tanzania?

If you love wildlife, are curious about things you’ve never seen before – or want to see those things in the wild in large numbers with the highest possible chance of a sighting, Tanzania is the place to go. I think that one of the awesome things about Tanzania is that it attracts distinguished travellers, who have been around the world, but are looking for that something special to add to their list.

Since you’ll probably be travelling far to get there, it is worth doing it properly and getting in with the right safari lodges is the way to do just that.

We hope you enjoyed experiencing the most exclusive Tanzania Safari lodges and will let us know if you have a go at one of them!

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