12 Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia for an Awesome Vacation

Best Beaches in Bali, Bali Beaches, Bali Indonesia Beaches


Bali, Indonesia is one of my favorite places to visit for its beaches. The beaches of Bali are the reason I keep going back. Besides the awesome food, people, culture, and tropical climate, beaches of Bali rank among the best of Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is like a second home for me. And as you all know, I’m a warm weather girl with sand running through my veins. Beach hopping is my favorite activity and Bali beaches offer so many choices that I find it impossible not to return year after year.

Bali is the most popular destination in Indonesia. Ask anyone about Asia and they are likely to mention Bali. Travelers come from all around the globe to enjoy the long stretches of white sand beaches, beaches with strong waves for surfing, and black volcanic sand beaches. Many surfers around the world will tell you that the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia are those where surfers congregate.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia


Divers flock to Bali each year to enjoy the crystal clear warm waters with endless visibility and reefs chocked full of marine life. They’ll argue that the best beaches in Bali are home to the best reef diving.

Along with great beaches, sand lovers can also find the best hotels in Bali, catering to the budget conscious. Of course if luxury is your thing, like it is for me, you’ll find some of the best Luxury resorts in Bali as well.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bali, Indonesia let’s start with a little geography lesson. (But seriously, shame on you! EVERYONE knows where Bali, is!)


Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is a province and one of 17,000 Islands of Indonesia. It’s 95-miles wide and located in the Indian Ocean. Bali sits two miles east off the tip of Java and west of Lombok and is a part of the Indonesian archipelago west of Australia.

All of Indonesia is breathtaking and full of wonder and adventure. I’ve been to so many beaches in Indonesia that I lost count long ago. The ones that I keep going back to are in Bali. The best beaches in Bali, Indonesia is an argument many locals and tourist alike get into. So this post is dedicated to emphasizing my favorite beaches in Bali, Indonesia specifically.

Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia


Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is a haven for surfers. Located a short distance from Kuta city, this famous Bali, Indonesia beach is crowded with surfers from around the world. If you plan on spending a day at the beach swimming, this beach isn’t the place for you.

Locals and tourists alike favor it for it’s up beat vibe and beach bum feel. Close to restaurants like the Hard Rock Café, Bali, Kuta beach is great for the party animal!



Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

Accommodations in Kuta are plentiful. Located near all the best beaches and restaurants in Bali, Rumah Kayu Bali’s modern, safe, and clean rooms are exactly what budget travel to Bali is all about.

Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

2. Sanur Beach

South of Bali is the golden sand beaches of Sanur. Perfect for families, sunbathing, and swimming, the wide sandy beach is great for soaking up the sun. Waves are generally mild and great for snorkeling.

Much more laid back than Kuta, this beach is famous for it’s beachfront hotels, restaurants, and shops. There are awesome bars that offer local and modern entertainment.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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Ocean front with its own beautiful private beach is Segara Village Hotel. A little on the upscale side but worth the extra money. Their pool faces beach front and it’s a great place for couples visiting Bali.

Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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3. Padang-Padang Beach

Surrounded by beautiful moss covered rocks and tropical vegetation, Padang-Padang beach is one of the more romantic hidden paradise beaches in Bali. Its caves and large rocks are perfect for exploration. The beach is rarely crowded and great for swimming, snorkeling, and sun worshiping.


Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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For a unique accommodation option, Belong Bunter Homestay is the place to go. Surrounded by tropical greenery and just a 3-minute walk to white sand beaches this simple but clean option is perfect for the wallet watcher.

Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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4. Lovina Beach

North of Bali sits the quiet beach of Lovina. With black sands from the Mt. Agung volcano, calm seas, and tourist free beaches, Lovina beach is one of Bali’s best kept secrets. It’s with in walking distance of a fisherman’s village so when you’re done with worshiping the sun gods you can have a friendly meal with the local people.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

Lovina Beach Hotel is the perfect seafront place to lay your head after a long day of exploration. With cheap room rates and a range of room types there’s something for every budget. The staff is friendly and the rooms are clean, what more could you ask for?

Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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5. Nyang Nyang Beach

In the mood for an adventure? How does navigating 550 moss covered steps, hiking up and down winding road, and passing through a small forest sound to you? If you’re up to it you won’t be disappointed at the gorgeous beach that awaits you.

Nyang Nyang Beach might be hard to find but once you do it will be a Bali beach experience you won’t forget. The little known beach is quiet and perfect for swimming and exploring.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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Puri Bali Villas offer accommodations for every taste. Their one bedroom villas have every amenity including a beautiful view of the expansive beach. Their prices are very reasonable and the surrounding area is quiet, perfect for honeymooners.

Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

6. Tegalwangi Beach

Located on the western rim of the southern Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Tagalwangi Beach is one of the best beaches in all of Bali. It’s unique rocky surroundings make for magnificent seascapes. Sunsets are spectacular and make for the most romantic beach walks a couple could take.

Named after a Temple that sits atop a limestone cliff, this wonderfully hidden beach paradise is worth seeing at least once.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has some of the best beach resorts in the world and Kupa Kupa Jimbaran is one of them. The five star Bali resort offers guests the utmost in luxury and has a remarkable beach club of its own. If pampering is what you’re looking for this beach resort will not disappoint.

Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

7. Green Bowl

The stretches of seaweed farms and lush hillside is why this beach was named Green Bowl. With a 197 foot (60 m) stretch of sand, the empty beach is one of Bali’s most secluded.

A steep 10-minute descent down a flight of questionable stairs is the only way to reach this hidden beach gem. The base of the limestone surrounded beach is covered with bat caves adding to the mystery. A great location for snorkeling and wave riding this beach is perfect for those who like privacy.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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Part of the Max One Hotels group MaxOne@Bukit Jimbaran is a unique eclectic hotel near the best beaches and only a 20 minute drive from Bali International Airport. It’s a perfect home base for your beach getaway when visiting Bali as it’s near great entertainment and international restaurants.

Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

8. Balangan Beach

One of Bali’s most scenic and popular beaches, Balangan Beach, or as locals call it Pantai Balangan beach, is a beautiful 3.1 mile (.5 km) golden stretch of sand.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

Admired and frequented by the best surfers around the world, it is said that the beach has the longest left-hander breaks in Bali.

Close to Dreamland beach, aka New Kuta Beach, the area is touted as the most gorgeous beach in Bali. Not sure I agree however you will find some amazing scenery and places to stay and eat.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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One of those great places, especially if your going to spend your days surfing and sunbathing, is Flower Bud Bungalows. The no nonsense hotel offers cheap bungalows situated right on the beach. It’s a small family owned and run establishment that is rustic but clean for the most part.

Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

9. Perasi Beach

Known as “White Sand Beach” or “Virgin Beach” Perasi Beach is located in the Karangasem regency in East Bali. When you’re looking to get away from the crowded beaches in the south, then is the right beach for you.

Tourist accommodations are purposefully built at a distance from Perasi Beach leaving only the views of Gili Biaha in the distance. The locals do have a few food stands that offer local street type food, snacks, and drinks for guests. Beach umbrellas and sun loungers are also available to rent for the day.

Perasi Beach is roughly a one and a half hour drive from Denpasar and Bali’s International Airport. It’s a nice drive filled with views of local life and beach side fishing villages.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

The Nirwana Resort & Spa is an ocean view resort a short distance from Perasi Beach. This beautiful Bali resort offers a restaurant, spa, and infinity pool with direct views of the pristine beach, azure ocean, and mountains.

Surrounded by tropical flora and fauna this Bali beach resort is one not to be missed. The cool ocean breezes and sound of crashing waves can be enjoyed in each of their rooms.


Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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10. Amed Beach

A great base to explore local attractions, this eastern part of Bali is where you’ll find Amed beach. The mountains that surrounds the beach makes for outstanding diving and snorkeling as the waters are protected by a natural reef. The breathtaking sunsets are another draw to this quiet beach.

Amed, the Indonesian word for small fishing villages, is home to several small charming beach communities spread out along the coast. You can also find attractions like Tirta Gangga Water Palace and Goa Lawah Temple.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

On a serene expanse of coast, bordered by mountains on one side and calm seas on the other, Puri Wirata Dive Resort & Spa offers a relaxed and inexpensive Bali beach getaway. With an in house PADI 5 star dive center, private beach, 2 beachfront pools, and a spa this beach resort is the perfect getaway.

Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

11. Dream Beach

I’ll be honest, this beach isn’t actually on Bali itself but its so amazing I had to include it on this list. Located on the southern shores of Lembongan, Dream beach is a beautful 30-minute boat ride from Sanur beach or Benoa Harbor.

With no cars, simple beach style accommodations, and local food the golden sand secluded beaches are a must see for anyone traveling to Bali. Everything about this small beach island is exceptional, it’s hard to leave after spending a day lounging in the sun and enjoying the warm waters.


Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

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If you want to stay on the island then Dream Beach Huts is the place for you. Located on the south of the island they offer 6 different style thatched roofed huts depending on the size of your party.

They have a café, bar, and pool and are happy to organize snorkeling trips. Rates are very reasonable and include a continental breakfast.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

12. Karma Beach

Part of Karma Kandara Resort, this private beach is located in Ungasan, Bali. Although private, Nammo’s Beach Club charges a fee to those who want to spend the day enjoying the beach but are not staying at the resort.

The price of your ticket goes toward food and drinks that are served in the Mediterranean restaurant. A bit pricey, however you don’t have to deal with the hawkers that can sometimes drive you nuts on the public beaches in Bali.


Best Beaches of Bali, Indonesia

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For about $90 US dollars a night you can spend your vacation 197 ft. (60 m) in a beach view, limestone clifftop. Mu Bali boasts Bali bohemian style thatched roundhouses.

The airy pavilions are operated by nonchalant French owners who’s passion for laid back is evident. The Indian Ocean views are heart stopping and the only secluded bungalow, built into the cliff, is perfect for honeymooners or couples celebrating a special occasion.


Best beaches in Bali, Indonesia

Bingin beach is a 10 minute walk and beaches like Uluwatu and Impossibles that are said to have waves that challenge Hawaii’s are within walking distance as well.


So, that’s my list. Although there are hundreds of other activities and sightseeing spots in Bali like volcanoes, hot springs, temples, and hiking trails, I believe the world class Bali beaches are indeed the best part of this tropical paradise.

From the second you step off the plane you’ll understand why travelers from all over the world choose Bali, Indonesia as their beach destination.

I hope you enjoyed my list and found it informative. The next time you plan a vacation consider the 12 Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia for an Awesome Vacation.

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  1. Sarah

    Ah man I wan’t to go so bad now!!!! Hoping to bring my kids when they are a tiny bit bigger. Pinning this so I have the list for future reference.

    • Marie Hernandez

      It’s really great! You’d be surprised how many people travel there with small kids. Most places are very child friendly. I’m happy you found my post helpful. Thanks for your comments, Sarah.

  2. Kimberly Erin

    These beaches look so beautiful and paradisaical, oh man. But better than that, the hotels you have chosen to show look insane. I would love to go to Bali for a holiday

  3. Mindi

    All of these stunning photos make me want to get on a plane for a return trip to Bali. Next month will be ten years since my last visit.

  4. Mar

    Thanks Marie! I have been to Bali over 20 times yet I have yet to visit most of these, Bali is so large you realize that you could go over and over again and never run out of things to do. These are some awesome beaches for the next trip

    • Marie Hernandez

      Hi Mar, I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I agree, you can go time and time again and discover a new beach, restaurant, attraction, and place to stay. I’ll be there next month and am looking forward to seeing new things.

  5. Prianka

    I went to Nusa Lembongan last December and stayed at Dream Beach Huts for 5 days and it was amazing. That whole island is so beautiful and much more chill than the beaches on the main island.

  6. Amanda

    I’d love to visit Indonesia one day…especially Bali for it’s awesome diving and surfing. Those hotels also look incredible. Thanks for sharing your recommendations, it really helps when it comes time to book!

    • Marie Hernandez

      I’m happy you enjoyed the post, Amanda. Indonesia is great, I never tire of exploring her. With so many islands I’ll never get to see them all.

    • Marie Hernandez

      A lot of people flocked to Bali after that movie. It brought a lot of attention to Indonesia. The beaches are so wonderful and yes, the waves on some of them rival Hawaii. Thanks for your comments, Francesca!

  7. melody pittman

    Indonesia looks like the most beautiful place ever. I sure hope to make it there some day and just hop beach to beach. What amazing places to see in this world; my lists keep getting bigger all the time. Great choices!

    • Marie Hernandez

      I’m like you, my travel bucket lists grows every day. This is such a world filled with wonder! 🙂 Thanks for your comments, Melody.

  8. Ria

    Kuta the best beach?:) I doubt:P it’s best only if you are party person and want to learn how to surf for less money:P Pandawa beach really surprised me:)
    Ria recently posted…My days in Bali beachesMy Profile

    • Marie Hernandez

      I do mention that is best if you want to party and surf. It’s well known for that. Thanks for your comments Ria. 🙂 Safe and happy travels.

  9. Elena

    Beautiful! Indonesia has long been on my list – hopefully I will get to visit sooner rather than later!

  10. Gary Pearson

    Brilliant post Marie. Informative, well written and replete with stunning photos, I cannot wait to venture to Bali in short succession. Most of these beaches appeal to me from the onset, especially Karma Beach. It’s refreshing to see such a brilliantly compiled post. Cheers from Korea.

    • Marie Hernandez

      Thanks Gary. I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I love all of Indonesia and will be returning to Bali in December! Enjoy Korea! Safe travels.

  11. Carolyn Stritch

    Great list, Marie. I love Bali. Although it’s definitely worth taking a boat trip across to Lombok … Some of the best coastline I’ve ever seen, there. I didn’t go to all of the beaches you’ve mentioned here so great tips for my next visit.

    • Marie Hernandez

      I agree, Carolyn, a trip to Lombok is a must! Spent 10 days there earlier this year and loved it. Indonesia has endless possibilities.

  12. Jo (The Blonde)

    Ah Bali, I loved it there so much. However, I wouldn’t say that Kuta Beach is great. When I was there, it was dirty and crowded. I didn’t really enjoy it.

    • Marie Hernandez

      Hi Jo, it wasn’t so bad when I was there. I was told it depends on the time of year and how the currents run. I’m on my way back t Bali next week so stay tuned to more posts! Thanks so much for your comments. 🙂

  13. Kristin

    As a diver, I’m dying to make it to Indo! We went to Borneo (Malaysian part) for our honeymoon several years ago and tried our hardest to get over to some of the Indonesian islands while there, but flights to them were not easy to come by!

    • Marie Hernandez

      Kristin, Indonesia is one of the best places in the world to dive! I simply can’t get enough of it. With 17,000 islands there’s something for everyone!!!

  14. Tamz

    Ah, these beaches in Bali.
    I am going to Bali later this month and that would be my third trip to Bali in 2015.
    Amazing place with so much to admire.

  15. Tanya

    Where would you recommend for great food and beaches. Were not into the parting but want lots to do.


  16. david Kevan

    Bali is a wonderful destination , instant culture , amazing hotels and some of the most genuine smiles . In my view ,and i have been to the island over 100 times – not boasting , just old – the beaches generally are OK , but on a worldwide scale nothing special and should not be the reason to select the island . Out of the 4 top reasons , it would probably be 4th – but the hotel quality , the scenic variety , the incredible people will just blow you away . Magical .
    Kuta Beach is long , very popular , but you have to be a confident swimmer to enjoy the waves . Sanur Beach has coral close to shore so not great for swimming . Nusa Dua beach is good , but my favourite for swimming is Jimbaran . The really good beaches in the region are on Lombok , makes an interesting twin with Bali – flying time 20 minutes , equally spectacular scenery , much less developed with some really good boutique quality hotels .

    • Marie Hernandez

      Hello Davis, I see, like me, that you’ve visited Indonesia extensively. I agree that the culture and food are the draws for me but I have seen some amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, unfortunately not easy to get to for the usual traveler hence why I wrote about beaches that would attract the average visitor. Lombok is my favorite for snorkeling as the waters are warm, clear, and full of beautiful marine life. Thanks for your comments and keep traveling!

  17. david Kevan

    Hola Marie – Actually you have mentioned a couple i was totally unaware of , so will check out next time . I think we have both agreed fantastic magical island . Kuta is an acquired taste but every destination seems to need a bar / low cost / night activity area .
    Not sure i am thrilled by the emergence of the mega 600 room plus luxury ” Palaces ” that now dominate south Nusa Dua , looks too much like Miami Beach / Gold Coast Australia . But there are still many areas where you find the Bali of how it used to be , or maybe should be .

    • Marie Hernandez

      I’m with you there, David, I’m never thrilled with the massive hotels that move in and change the landscape of a beautiful island but I guess with the good comes the bad. Safe travels to you!

    • Marie Hernandez

      Hello Ketut, I absolutely love Bali. Have been many times and I adore the food! It’s one of my favorite cuisines. Thank you for you comments!