About Us


I’m Marie, destination and hotel marketer, travel writer and luxury traveler. I absolutely revel in the thought of learning about new cultures, traditions, and religions. I have a healthy curiosity about the rest of the world and how it ticks (okay, maybe I’m just nosey). I’ve always loved luxury travel and fine cuisine, who wouldn’t? The problem…well, I couldn’t always afford it. So I decided to turn what I love into a career. For the past two years I’ve been working with destinations, luxury brands, and Tourism Boards providing online marketing via this travel site and my social media networks.

SeriouslyTravel is targeted towards the luxury traveler/couple, however, it also attracts a readership of everyday people hoping to find an opportunity to break into the world of travel. The site’s demographics reflect that visitors are split between the United States (67.18%), Great Britain (13.68%), followed by Australia (7.9%), Spain (6.2%), and other countries making up the difference (12.94%) Singapore, India, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and France. I’m proud to say that every day brings new readers and followers to our social media networks. You can find me on almost all of them.

Within these virtual walls you’ll find advice, reviews, and my personal recommendations based on experience. SeriouslyTravel is a luxury travel guide and a place to find inspiration to live your own amazing life. It’s a great big world out there, it would be a shame not to see it all!